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Jim Kashetta & Nick Milillo
Jim with his 281/2" Gag,
Nick with 23" Gag,& 22" Red.
Live Pinfish, SW Hard Bottom

Dec 2009

Here are two pictures.One is with Carl enjoying a layed back look at our maxed out catch.


Dec 2009

Gag Grouper caught 11/16/09 by Club member Steve Aldrovandi
Here are some pics of Team Kouhi's Grouper haul.
John Rafes

Nov 2009

29 inch Tripletail caught by club member Steve Aldrovandi 10/24/09
Photos of Red Grouper up to 28 1/2" taken by Johm Cavanagh on the Halfway to Mexico offshore fishing trip.

Nov 2009

Dave R. (photographer), Dave W. Ed C. & Al M. on a dive trip to Key Largo, Nov 14, 2009
This guy just bought a new boat and decided to take her for the maiden voyage.

This was his first boat and he wasn't quite sure of the exact 'Standard Operating Procedures' for launching it off a ramp, but figured it couldn't be too hard.

He consulted his local boat dealer for advice, they just said "don't let the trailer get too deep when you  launch the boat".

Well, he didn't know what they meant by that as he could barely get the trailer in the water at all! Anyhow, here's a picture.
This sail was caught while grouper fishing near the California wreck aboard Joe Cafferelli"s boat. 


Here is a picture of Frank Renkel's latest grouper catch!
Hope he will be able to catch a few of those guys on the Halfway to Mexico trip.


Just a couple of the fish caught during REDFISH IV

Pete's 25" Redfish
and Steve's 25" Snook


Mike, Ed, and AL,
Just wanted to make sure you guys were aware of the 36in. Red Fish I caught on October 13, 2009.  I submitted on MSFC website for leaderboard and FOM, but as my lack of computer skills may not have done correctly.... anyway I thought I would send picture and maybe you guys can take from here. 
Thanks for all you guys do,
Allan Bristow


25"" Red Grouper --Jig/cut bait--- 40' water


MSC members Mike Mueller and John Cavanaugh with 6 of 9 legal Red Grouper---not a bad day's work

Sept, 2009


Capt Mike Mueller, with crew Cavanagh, Madonia and Wittlin missed Gilligan's Island, but did not miss about 10 keepers, 8 of which came home with us.


My buddy Steve caught this 23" red as well as few under size snook and a 18" trout for a backcountry slam aug 28th  aboard knot-head

Pete, Aug 2009
A calm Saturday afternoon, Capt Mike Mueller, his son, and John Cavanagh,......6 keeper grouper, and you know who hooked this big guy.......

Aug 2009

a 37.5" snook that I caught in August and am attaching  a picture


Rick Granneman

Aug 2009


Mike Ludwig, Roland Werres and Al Musico spent the day North of the R Tower. Sometimes the Fishermen won, and sometimes the Red Grouper won. Note the broken rod. Also, a nice crash of Spanish Macks on baitfish on the way home.


August 2009

Caught by Dan Grahl near Cape Romano


August 2009

Bryan and I were fishing on Andrea B II out about 10 miles in Gulf from Caxambus Pass.  We used cut bait caught with my sabiki line.  We kept 4 "Keeper" Red Groupers  ranging from 22" to 25 1/2", and released another 6 to 7 "Keeper" Red Groupers. It was "drop and jerk" for many more undersize groupers.  We also caught some nice size Lane Snappers (to about 14") and Grunts.  No sharks... we were looking, but none to be found in that area! However, we had a great day on "Gulf Fishing" with the Marco Sports Fishing Club.
Andy B.
42" Striped Bass caught by club member Steve Aldrovandi in Plymouth Ma. July 3rd
Jigging with wire line in 30' of water 
First mate on Capt. Mike Mueller's boat displays typical catch. MSC members should recognize the Mueller Grin

June 2009

    Club members Chris and Kaylee Edgar,Carl Bressan and John Walker
brought 7 Goliath Grouper, weighing an estimated 40 to 100 lbs,to the side
of the boat for release on Sunday,June 14 2009.Another 6 Goliath Grouper
broke tackle . All club members still have their arms intact . Twelve big
mackerel were also taken by the fishing club crew. A fun day on the watersof Marco Island.


June 2009

Kaylee Edgar a MSC member with her Husband Chris.  She caught this in Caxambus Pass last week -June 2009
56" Cobia caught by Steve Aldrovandi 05/26/09.
Caught today 06/08/09 by Steve Aldrovandi.
24" 12 lbs
Steve Aldrovandi


Nick Milillo  --- cut bait ,--outgoing tide
May, 2009

My buddy Steve and I fished for 5 days, it was tough sledding.


Sunday May 24, mudhole, John Cavanagh needs a bigger boat......
Capt Mike Mueller ( not shown because he was washing his boat ),  John Cavanagh ( not shown because he was holding the camera ), and Frank Sroka had a great Red Grouper, Cobia, Goliath Grouper, KM day--all within 15 miles of shore.

May 2009

It's going to be a busy summer !  31 1/2 "

May 2009

Kingfish tournament April 2009
I picked up my boat at Caxambus ramp at 9:30 this morning.  The service man (Randy from Intercostal) said I should use to boat so he could re-check the filter for water in the fuel.  Soooo ... I went home & Bryan and I grabbed our poles, etc. to go fishing and started out the pass at 10:30 am.  Bryan forgot the squid, so we had NO bait.  We went out to about the 9 mile area and used sabiki rigs to get small fish for cut bait. We drift when we fish.  To make a long story short.  We got a bunch of snappers and then I got a nice 27" Red Grouper .... we couldn't go home until Bryan caught a 20" Red Grouper!  Anyway, no King fish today, but we had a short, but fun day. (Pictures attached)
Andy B.
April 2009


Last Monday (4/6) Bryan, his son Bing and I were on my boat (23' Grady White) fishing about 9 miles out in Gulf west of Caxambus Pass on Marco.  We were on a drift using cut bait.  We caught a nice amount of Lane Snappers and three "Keeper" Red Groupers.  We got back to Marco as the wind was really picking up.  It was a fun day.
Andy B.

April 2009


This is 5 year old Marco Malerba catching his first 26" snook without assistance from his Grandfather Jimmy Malerba

April 2009

Here is Pastor Bill Beebe of the Wesley United Methodist Church on Marco catching a 22" snook while fishing with Pete A aboard Knot-Head

April 2009

Capt. Al Musico and Crew John Rafes and Frank Sroka load up on fish for Good Friday


Spring BBQ Picnic, March 2009
Please see picture of my nephew Patrick and his trout that heavily contributed to us taking 3rd place


Nancy and Frank Sroka fished on the Jolly Roger with Judy and Fred Kouhi today and had great success with Spanish Mackerel, best ever.  The sizes ranged between 24 and 29 inches in length.  Nancy and Frank caught a total of 43 fish and Judy and Fred caught a total of 35 fish. 
We kept 30 fish which were donated to St Mathews House ( pics attached for MSC Website ).
Fred will be entering his 29 inch Spanish mackerel to the MSC website for the fish of year competition.

March, 2009



Dave Rasmussen, Al Musico, Rob Reiley and Ed Crane diving for lobsters in the Florida Keys.

We caught lots of lobsters, but, alas, they were all too small and had to be thrown back.

We did however, catch a KEEPER Mermaid, about 62 inches long and 105 pounds.  See pictures at left.

March 12, 2009

Capt. Bert Hoell of Opa Express III and his mates Fred Kouhi, Bill McIntosh and Frank Sroka had a successful day well off-shore   -January, 2009