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    Fishing Etiquette

    When enjoying a day of fishing as a guest in someone's boat, it is important to remember that, unless the group has another established procedure, each guest should be expected to help clean fish, clean the boat, and pay for his or her share of the expenses ( gas, oil, bait ). Don't embarrass the captain by making him or her have to ask, step forward by offering to clean the fish and the boat, and then ask what your share of the damage is.

    Keep in mind that boat ownership is expensive, and show your respect by contributing.  Let's make it easy for captains to volunteer their boats. Some ballpark estimates are set out below to help you.


    An offshore trip could be anywhere between 40 to 150 nautical miles dock to dock.

    Based on the current prices for gas, bait, ice, the size of the boat and motor(s) the cost per angler could be $50.00 to $150.00. This of course depends on the number of anglers aboard, the number of engines and horse power, the seas and how much gas was used for the trip.

    The cost for gas per angler will be determined by the captain/owner of the boat at the end of the fishing trip.  In addition to the gas, anglers should also divide the cost of bait, ice, etc. It is also important to help the captain/owner clean the boat.  


    A typical backwater boat will get 3 to 4 miles per gallon.  A typical backwater trip is 20 to 40 miles dock to dock.  Backwater boats are usually 2 fishermen including the owner for a $20 to $30 per fisherman cost for the trip.

    Adjustments must be made for buying bait (shrimp, etc) and Ice for Backwater trips. Talk it over with the Captain as to what he wants you to bring. On local short trips, 3 dozen shrimp, lunch & 20 lbs of Ice may often cover the cost of gas

    Last updated on Sunday, January 21, 2018