MSC Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated on Monday, January 22, 2018


  1. How do I join the club?
    Answer: Download a copy of the application by CLICKING HERE.  Fill it out.  Be sure you and your significant other sign the waiver on the second page.  Enclose your check with the appropriate amount and mail to the club at the address on the application.  .  .  .

  2. What happens if I don't sign the waiver?
    Answer:  Your application will be rejected.

  3. Why do we have to sign the waiver?
    Answer: The Lawyers made us do it.  Fishing and boating are inherently risky activities.  There are many liability issues.

  4. When are the dues due?
    Answer: Dues are due January 1st of each year.  If you join after October 1st your dues for the following year are considered to have been paid in full.  What a deal...15 months membership for the price of 12!

    A dues notice is provided in the November and December newsletters each year.  The January newsletter contains a Late Notice.

  5. What happens if I don't pay my dues on time?
    Answer: You will be dropped from the club roster.  You will not be able to rejoin the club until the next open enrollment period.  If you choose to rejoin then you will be required to pay the New Members fee, or your application will be rejected.

  6. How do I contact the club?
    Answer: CLICK HERE, or go to the CONTACT US at the top of any page.

  7. How do I find out what activities the club is planning and how to sign up for them?
    Answer: First stop should aways be the COMING EVENTS page under the Social Tab on any page.
    If you know your way around, click on the WHAT'S NEW? link to see recent activity on the website.


Having trouble with this website? 
Read through these FAQ's first  Then please report any problems that you are unable to resolve. 

 If you don't, we will never be able to address the problem.  Don't worry about hurting our feelings!  Please help us make this a great site.  As a general rule, if you are having trouble, so is someone else.

  1. You say there has been an update but I don't see the changes.
    Answer:  Your browser (there are many) may be set to look on your hard drive before searching the web for the web page you have requested.  In that case you will get the older version.  Because there are so many browsers I can't solve all the problems here.  Many times, if you right click on the old page and click "refresh" the problem will be solved.
    This dates back to the time when dial up connections were common.  Remember that?...You'd click on a website and have time to get a beer or take a shower before it loaded?  The clever programmers decided to fix it so the browser would save every website it visited to your hard drive.  When you wanted to go back to that page the browser would just load the saved page.  Well, that can be a pain in the ass today and cause you to receive out of date information.
    For internet explorer users, go to (tools...internet options...general...browsing history...settings) and check "automatically" or "every time I visit a page"
    For gawds sake, make sure "never" is never checked!  If you are still having trouble, go back and check "every time I visit a page", although this makes things a bit slow for you dial-up-folks!
    If none of this works,  Please contact me and I'll try to help. 


  2. I tried to use the form on the webpage to send an email, but had trouble.  Am I doing something wrong?
    Answer: Please send email directly to the webmaster at, and explain your problem.

  3. I tried out the search engine, but I get some results that do not relate to our MSC website.  Why is that?
    Answer:  Unfortunately this simple search engine searches all of my Domain names that reside on this server.  The good news is that it does not search the web in general.  That avoids huge numbers of irrelevant hits.  GOOGLE is in charge of that department!

  4. I'm having trouble navigating (getting around) this website.
    Answer:  Follow these steps (you might want to print this page)
    -click on
    -click on one of the drop down menus at the the top of any page

    -move down to the item you are interested in and click on it.
    -note that the same dropdown menus show up on most every page for easy navigating.
    -if you go to the "links" page, which takes you outside of this website to other websites, you may see your choice opened in a new browser window.  When you are finished, close this browser (click the little "X' in the upper right hand corner) and go back to the browser that is connected to our website.
    .....still having trouble?  Contact me.

  5. I'm having trouble viewing the pdf files.  It looks like part is missing.  BTW, what the heck does PDF stand for anyway?
    Answer: See picture below.  Follow steps 1-4
    PDF stands for Portable Document Format and has been the standard for moving files around the internet since the 1990's. Files in pdf form are typically read only.  They may be viewed and saved by anyone who has the adobe reader, regardless of what program created them.   See also FAQ #7

  6. When I click on an email link on the website it doesn't open my email program.
    Answer: You need to tell your browser which email program you are using.  For Internet Explorer
    go to "tools/internet options" & select the programs tab.  In the email drop down box select your favorite email program.  Click apply and OK.   See picture below.

  7. When I download an PDF file it comes up in a screwy size, like real small, or overflowing the screen.
    Answer:  Adobe 7.0+  reader remembers the screen size setting when you close it.  If you were set to 50% the last time you viewed a pdf, then the next one will open at the same size.  The screen size is easy to change.  Use the drop down box to resize the screen.  See picture of tool bar below.  Note: prints will always be full sized, regardless of the screen size setting.  See also FAQ #5

  8. When I click on a link in the website nothing happens (or at least I don't get what I expect)
    Most websites (including this one) use "pop-ups".  What are they?  It's simple.  Unless told otherwise, your browser moves from page to page as you click links.  If you want to go back, click your "back" button in the upper left hand corner.  Just like flipping pages in a book!  A "pop-up", however, opens a new browser (a copy of your browser program, independent of the previous one) a new book.  The  tip off is that the "back" button is usually grayed out and won't work...This is a new program, looking at it's first website...there is nothing to go back to!

    These are used everywhere on the web.  Most folks don't have a problem...but if you have an aggressive pop-up blocker, different things will happen.  Worst case is that nothing will happen when you click a link for a pop-up.  Best case is you will get a message like "this website is calling for a here to allow it".

    Pop-up blockers, while good in theory, may cause your browser to be non-functional at times, and you to be denied useful information...think about that!  There is no free lunch.

    Here's an illustrative example.
    Suppose you go to your bank site and there's a question like
    "Please enter the account numbers of everything you own here________" 
    After that is a "click here for more info" link.  The Pop-up-friendly folks will click on the message, and then "don't ever do this" pops-up.  Whoa! 
    The web paranoid folks, the pop-up unfriendly, they get nothing when they click on the link and merrily go ahead and enter their data and have their identity stolen...bummer

    ....a silly example?  perhaps, but think about it.  Ask yourself, why are you looking at this page now?

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