"Fish of the Month (FOM)"
and "Leader Board" Contests
Use this form to report your catch and become eligible to win awards in both contests. 
Be sure to click "Please enter my fish" at the bottom.  You will receive a confirmation that your entry was received.
(In case of a tie, the earliest entry wins)

Contest Entry Form (FOM & Leader Board)
How to measure your fish and Contest Rules  -please read
This form will enter your fish in both the FOM and Leader Board Contests.
Please fill out the form completely and click the Enter button at the bottom.
Note: Fish caught on charters or with paid guides are not eligible for the FOM or Leader Board contests
-see also CONTEST RULES.

1) Enter your name (required)

2) Email address or phone number  (required)

3) Date caught

4) Species (what kind of fish) *

5) Bait or lure used

6) Location where caught

7) Method: Casting, Drifting, Anchored, Chumming, Trolling, Other

8) Tide: Incoming, High, Outgoing, Low, Unknown

9) Size: Measurement in inches, closed mouth and pinched or fork per FWC

10) Any additional comments?

11) Click here to submit:

12) Send a picture of your fish to validate entry to VIC ORDIJA at this email address.


If you would also like to have your fish shown in the website photo album, copy the webmaster at  Please include an appropriate caption or description.

* The following 6 species must be caught within the Marco Sportfishing Club “Backwater Boundaries” in order to qualify for the “Leaderboard” or “Fish of the Month” competitions:
- Redfish
- Snook
- Spotted Seatrout
- Pompano
- Sheepshead
- Black Drum

Form updated Jan 20, 2018