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The Club selects a "Species of the Month" for this contest, using the best information we have for what's running that month.  A $25 check is awarded to the angler who catches the largest Fish Of the Month.  Scroll down to see the past winners.  Enter your fish once by clicking the button below to participate in both the FOM and the Leader Board contest.

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2018 Leaderboard/FOM program & RULES
* 18 species of fish that are caught in our area have been identified as “Leaderboard” fish. Competition for the largest fish of each species runs from January 1 – December 31 each year. The species are identical to the previous years, except for the removal of Black Grouper
* With the exception of 6 species, all “leaderboard “ or FOM entries must be caught within the Marco Sportfishing Club offshore boundaries of 60 nm (69 statute miles) from Resident’s Beach in order to qualify
* The following 6 species must be caught within the Marco Sportfishing Club “Backwater Boundaries” in order to qualify for the “Leaderboard” or “Fish of the Month” competitions:

* Redfish
* Snook
* Spotted Seatrout
* Pompano
* Sheepshead
* Black Drum

For more information, please see:
 Maps of MSC 2014 Offshore boundaries and MSC 2014 Backwater boundaries
FOM & Leaderboard Rules and Guidelines    Club Fishing Boundaries
Good Fishing Etiquette

FOM winners since 2008
SPECIES of the month, current LEADERS & past WINNERS
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March Spotted Sea Trout
February Sheepshead
January 2018
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Pompano No entry submitted for Pompano in January 2018
December Black Drum Skip Endicott won the DEC FOM with a 20” Black Drum.  Skip is awarded a cash prize of $25.00.
November Gag Grouper 22.25 inch Gag Grouper was caught by Al Jennings on November 26, 2017 wins the FOM. Al is awarded a cash prize of $25.00.
October Redfish 26 inch Redfish caught by Jay Jones on October 3, 2017 wins the FOM.  Jay is awarded a cash prize of $25.00.
September Snook No Entry
August Yellowtail Snapper No Entry
July Mangrove Snapper 23.25 inch Mangrove Snapper caught by Al Jennings. Al is awarded a cash prize of $25.
June Permit No entry submitted for Permit
May King Mackerel
48.5 inch King Mackerel caught by Al Jennings wins the FOM. Al is awarded a cash prize of $25.00.
April Red Grouper No entry for Red Grouper
March Spotted Sea Trout 22 inch Spotted Seatrout caught by Pete Arcidiacono wins the FOM.  Pete is awarded a cash prize of $25.
February Sheepshead
20 inch Sheepshead caught by Bob Horst wins the FOM. Bob Horst is awarded a cash prize of $25 (check# 1435).
January 2017
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16.5 inch Pompano caught by Jay Jones wins the FOM.  Jay Jones is awarded a cash prize of $25.
December 2016 Black Drum
No entry for Black Drum was submitted during the month of December 2016.
November Gag Grouper
Steve Aldrovandi wins the November FOM with a 33 inch Gag Grouper caught on Nov. 12, 2016.
Steve is awarded $25 gift certificate #31.
October Redfish
Mike Larsen wins the October FOM with a 33.5 inch Redfish caught on October 9, 2016. Mike is awarded $25 gift certificate #30.
Sept Snook
Howard Laskau wins the September FOM with a 36 inch Snook caught on September 27, 2016 during the Nite Bite fishing event. Howard is awarded $25 gift certificate # 29.
August Yellow Tail Snapper No entry for Yellowtail Snapper was submitted in August 2016
July Mangrove Snapper
No entry for Mangrove Snapper was submitted in July 2016.
June Permit & Pomano No entry for Permit was submitted in June 2016.
May King (1st)
or  Spanish Mackerel (2nd)
Victor Ordija wins the May FOM with a 18 inch Spanish Mackerel caught on May 31, 2016. Victor is awarded #25 gift certificate #28.
April Red Grouper
Mike Mueller wins April FOM with 32.5 inch Red Grouper. Mike is awarded $25 gift certificate #27.
March Spotted Seatrout David Dodd wins the March FOM with a 19 inch Spotted Seatrout. Dave is awarded $25 gift certificate #26.
February Sheepshead
Bob Horst wins the February FOM with the 21.25 inch Sheepshead. Bob is awarded $25 gift certificate # 25.
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Pompano No entry received for Pompano which was the FOM for January 2016.
December Black Drum
Shep Johnson wins the December FOM with the 40 inch Black Drum. Shep is awarded $25 gift certificate #24.
November Gag Grouper
30.75 inch Gag Grouper caught by Al Jennings trolling on the 5 mile reef. Al wins the FOM and is awarded $25 gift certificate #23.
October Redfish
32.5 inch Redfish caught by Allan Bristow on cut Ladyfish in Caxambas Bay.
Allan wins the FOM and is awarded $25 gift certificate #22.
September Snook
A 29.5 inch Snook was caught by Dick Larson on white jig/gulp casting in Indian Key Pass on 9/29/15. Dick wins the FOM and is awarded $25 gift certificate #21.
August Yellowtail
No Entry this month
July Mangrove Snapper 26.25" Mangrove Snapper caught by Bob Balbocci on white bait anchored on structure 40 miles SW of Marco Island. Bob also wins Fish of the Month(FOM) and is awarded $25 gift certificate #20.
June Permit John Cavanagh wins the FOM with his 31.75" Permit. Honorable mention goes to Ed Brown with a 30" Permit caught in June.
May Mackerel Steve Scripps wins the FOM with a 43.5" King Mackerel caught on cut bait 30 miles SW of Marco Island
April Red Grouper John Cavanagh wins FOM with 32.25" Red Grouper.
March Spotted Seatrout
Charlie Schwalje wins FOM with 20.5" Spotted Seatrout.
February Sheepshead Bob Horst wins with 20.25" Sheepshead caught on Fiddler Crab anchored in Marco River
January 2015
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Pompano The winner was Ed Brown, 15"er
December Spotted Sea Trout Bill Welter caught a 21" Spotted Seatrout on a Jig, casting On the Marco River near the Jolly Bridge
November Snapper 23 3/4" Mangrove Snapper caught by Bill Laimbeer on cut bait anchored, 25 nm West FOM winner.
* Other noteable was Paul Doppelt, 21" Yellowtail Snapper.
October Redfish Victor Ordija caught a 32.25 Redfish on Pinfish
September Snook Snook - 33.5" Caught by Victor Ordija on a Pinfish at the Snook Hole Channel, anchored at outgoing tide.
August Tripletail No award this month.  Prize carried over to September
July Black tip Shark 40 1/2" Blacktip Shark; Paul Milici, caught on a cut ladyfish, Anchored and chumming at the Mud Hole.
June Permit &
Mackerel...King or Spanish
MAY- 15 1/2" Spanish Mackerel; Ron Linn
June- 31" Permit; John Cavanagh
May Mackerel...King or Spanish None reported. 
Prize carried over into June.  Get those fish reported!
April Red Grouper RED GROUPER -- winner is........Frank Sroka --33"er
March Seatrout Seatrout Jim Mueller wins $25 Gift Certificate
February Sheepshead Jerry Keyes; 18.5" Sheepshead, using Shrimp, anchored at 2 mi Reef
January 2014
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Pompano Jim Mueller was the winner of the FOM, catching a 15 1/2" Pompano on a Shrimp DOA near Marco Pass
December Snapper A 20 1/4" Mangrove Snapper was caught using shrimp by Bill Laimbeer. He was fishing in the Gulf, 10 miles out.
November Grouper Mile Mueller caught a 31 3/4" Red Grouper at the 55 Mi ledge. He was drifting, using a Pinfish in an outgoing tide.
October Redfish Dick Yeaton caught a 39 1/2" Redfish in Barfield bay, tops on the Leaderboard and the winner of October's Fish of the Month Prize!
September Snook Congratulations to Dan Grahl, who caught a 37" Snook using a ladyfish south of Marco. Dan wins the $25 prize for the month of September.
August Tarpon Alvin Jennings wins the Prize for August. His catch of a monster Tarpon measuring 73" was taken on a catfish tail at Caxambas Pass.
July Permit Frank Renkel reported a 29" catch
June Shark The FOM winner was Carl Bressan--37" Blacktip Shark caught in the Mudhole using catfish as bait.
May Kingfish &
Spanish Mackerel
49" King caught by M Mueller....the ONLY KING REPORTED
April Red Grouper Congratulations to winner Alvin Jennings, landing a 33" Red Grouper using pinfish as bait, 46 nm West of Marco.
March Speckled Sea Trout Three way tie for the FOM Spotted Seatrout. Jim Mueller gets the FOM prize as his caught his 22 1/2 incher first....
February Sheepshead The Laimbeers had a great day on the water. Bill caught a 18 1/2" Mangrove Snapper and a 32" Gag Grouper and his wife Chris caught a 20 1/2" Sheepshead (FOM WINNER).
for the Sheepshead Shootout Tournament 2013 Results
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Pompano There were three 'catches' of Pompano reported. The winner was Howard Laskau who caught a 16 1/2 incher. He was fishing at Caxambas Pass, anchored on an incoming tide, using a tipped jig.
December Snapper The FOM for December was Snapper and the winner is Chris Laimbeer who caught an 18.5 inch Mangrove Snapper on Dec 5 approx 25 miles offshore. Bait used was shrimp.
November Red Grouper The FOM for November was Red Grouper and the winner is Bob Baldocchi. He caught a 32 inch Red grouper on November 27 while fishing 50 miles offshore using a jig in approx. 100 ft of water.
October Redfish
Snook....... Chris Edgar – 35” Snook reported October 1
Redfish..... Tim Hamilton – 35” Redfish reported October 7

   As of 10/31/12 one new entry was made.  Dan Grahl caught a 40” Redfish on 9/30/12

 I have decided to extend the snook entries for one more month.  Snook entries reported in September and October will count.  Remember entries must be made thru the Website. Date caught and date recorded are important.  -Fred

Sept Snook

The FOM for September was Snook.  No one  reported a single fish caught.  I know that several fish were caught during the month, however for some reason no one decided to enter their fish in the FOM contest.

August Tarpon

The winner of the August FOM was Ed Brown with a 67 inch fish caught August 15 while anchored In Roberts bay.

July Permit

The FOM for July was Permit and the winner is John Cavanagh with a 31.5” fish caught on July 9.  That was the only entry of the month. Congratulations John. 

June Flounder Phil Madonia with a 12 1/2 inch flounder caught backwater South Marco
May/June King Mackerel Ed Brown with a 52 inch King caught 6/30/12.  This was the carryover from May
April Red Grouper Sea Trout -carried over from March
Seaweed (Dave Totos) with a 24 1/2 inch fish caught 4/10/12 and reported 4/12/12

 Red Grouper
Dick Larson with a 29 5/8 inch fish caught 4/20/12 and reported 4/23/12

March Spotted Sea Trout The winner of the March FOM (spotted sea trout) is Allan Bristow. The fish was caught March 2nd, in Fish Hawk Tributary casting a 3/8 white head jig tipped with shrimp, .and measured 201/2 inches.  Congratulations Allan.
February Sheepshead The winner of the February FOM is Ken Bukkock.  He caught a 23" Sheepshead while drifting SW of Marco using a crippled herring
January 2012
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Pompano The winner of the January 2012 FOM (Pompano) is Mike Kropp.  Caught a 16incher at Hideaway Beach casting a jig during an incoming tide.  Congratulations Mike.
December Cobia
John Cavanagh connected with a 33 1/2" Cobia using a Pilchard.
November Grouper
Jim Grierson leads with a 32 1/2" Red Grouper caught on a 4 oz jig/Gulp in 80' of water.
October Red Fish
Allan Bristow captured the lead this month with a 33" Redfish caught on a white tipped jig near Blind Pass.
September Snook
Ron Schudes reported a 32" Snook caught at Blind Pass on a Jig.
August Tarpon
Pete Arcidiacono measured and released a 48" Tarpon in one of our local bays
July Blacktip Shark Bill McIntosh leads the month with a 53" Blacktip Shark caught and grilled at our 'Man Bites Shark' fishing and picnic event
June Permit
John Cavanagh topped his previous entry with a 33 1/2" Permit casting a crab on a wreck.
May Snapper
(any kind)
Steve Aldrovandi leads the month with a 20" Mangrove Snapper caught off Marco Pass.
April Kingfish
Ben Aronson boated a 33" Kingfish 14Mi off Caxambas on a Sand Perch
March Trout
Jim Mueller netted a 21" Spotted Seatrout on a tipped jig
February Sheepshead
Ken Robertson landed a 19 1/4" Sheepshead on a sand flea
Dennis Pace took a 18 1/2" Pompano on a cut shrimp
December Grouper
Any legal kind
Largest Grouper reported so far this month was a 20" Red Grouper caught by Al Musico at the 14 Mile Reef. You guys aren't fishing enough !!!!
November Cobia
Frank Renkel caught a 39" Cobia fishing live bait 35 miles offshore
October Redfish
Tony Saputo hooked a 33 1/4" Redfish in the Club's annual Redfish Tournament
September Grouper
Any legal kind
Chris Edgar coaxed a 30" Red Grouper into his fishbox using live bait 45 miles offshore
August Tarpon Mike Mueller measured a 70" Tarpon caught on a free lined crab at the Everglades Wreck
July Permit John Cavanagh opened the month with a 31 1/2" Permit caught on a crab
June Black tipped shark No Blacktip sharks were reported to win this month's prize - try again next year!
May Snapper David Rasmussen took this month's prize with a 21" Yellowtail Snapper caught on a free lined shrimp near the R Tower.
April Kingfish  Al Musico's winning King fish for the fish of the month and the King Fish Clash. It was a 53 in Kingfish.
March Spotted Sea Trout Nick Milillo boated a 20" Spotted Seatrout fishing a jig while drifting off Coon Key
February Sheepshead
Phil Madonia landed a 21" Sheepshead on a Sandflea off the Cape Marco jetty
Pompano Allan Bristow broke the ice with a 13 1/2" Pompano caught on a Red Jig off White Horse Key
Grouper (any) Jim Kashetta netted a 28 1/2" Gag Grouper drifting a live Pinfish over hard bottom
November Cobia David Rasmussen landed a 43" Cobia on a fake eel while anchored 50 mi off Marco.
October Redfish Allan Bristow leads the month with a 36" Redfish caught near Dismal Pass
September Tarpon

Mike Kropp caught and released a 61" Tarpon on a catfish tail in the Marco River

August Snook Rick Granneman leads for this month's prize with a 37 1/2" snook caught on a Bomber Crankbait near Blind PassSee:
July Black Tip Shark Ed Vesely caught a 36" Blacktip during the Man-Bites-Shark event. Very Tasty!
June Permit John Cavanagh hooked a 32" Permit on live crab while anchored at a wreck
May Snapper -any kind Jim Malerba won this month's prize with a 13" Mangrove Snapper
April Kingfish Ben Aronson boated a 52" Kingfish 12 Miles off Marco using a live pinfish.
March Spotted Seatrout Ginny Mueller boated a 20 1/2" Spotted Seatrout during the Spousal Abuse fishing event
February Sheepshead Myron Wittlin landed a 21 1/2" Sheepshead during the Sheepshead Shootout event
Pompano Brian Mordecai took an 11" Pompano on a Red/White Jig at the Georgia Fruit Farm Canal
Spanish Mackerel Jim Mueller landed a 12" Spanish Mackerel casting a tipped jig off Dismal Pass
Lane Snapper Jim Mueller tops the month with a 15 1/2" Lane Snapper caught on a jig and live shrimp 24 miles offshore
Nov Jack Creval Joe Cafferelli hooked a 25" Jack on a white lure from a dock at low tide 
Cobia Pete Arcidiacono hooked a 30" cobia on a live pinfish while fishing the club's 'Halfway to Mexico' trip
Oct Redfish Dick Kleine landed a 38" bull Redfish on a tipped jig in Caxambas Pass
Red grouper Joe Cafferelli landed a 31" Red Grouper fishing 45 miles offshore with a live Pinfish
Sept Snook Jim Mueller took a 35" Snook fishing a red head jig with a green/white tail off Ramsey Key
Mangrove Snapper Mike Mueller caught an 18" Mangrove Snapper on cut Sardines anchored on the 5 mile reef
Aug Redfish Pete Arcidiacono hooked a 22" Redfish casting a jig with a Gulp at dismal Key.
Triggerfish Brian Mordechai beat the competition with a 12 1/4" Triggerfish.
July Mangrove Snapper Frank Sroka caught a 15'' Mangrove Snapper on frozen sardines at the Kidd Wreck
Shark -Black,
Lemon & Nurse
Myron Wittlin brought in a 9'6" Nurse Shark while chumming and fishing live bait 50 miles W of Marco
June Tarpon Ed Brown caught a 67" Tarpon with Catfish on an incoming tide
Permit John Cavanagh started the month off with a 32 1/2" Permit caught on crab while anchored at a wreck.
May Spotted Trout Andy Battaglia with a 19 3/4" Spotted Seatrout hooked on a live shrimp in Gullivan Bay
Yellow Tail David Rasmuessen for 23" Yellowtail caught on a shrimp tipped jig off the T Tower
April Kingfish David Rasmussen caught a 49" Kingfish on a Mann stretch 25 off the 5 mile reef.
Tripletail Steve Aldrovandi caught a 21" Tripletail casting shrimp near the crabpots south of Caxambas.
March Snook Mike Mueller landed a 32 1/2 inch Snook fishing Pilchards off Helen Key 
Spanish Mackerel Mike Kropp landed a 24" Spanish Mackerel fishing a homemade tinsel jig 1 mile off Marco
February Spotted Sea Trout Jim Mueller with an 18 1/2" fish caught on a red and white jig near Dismal Pass
 Sheepshead John Walker boated a
17 1/2" fish during the
'Sheepshead Shootout' event
on the 5 mile reef
aboard 'Conference Call'
 Pompano Myron Wittlin, the FOM winner for Pompano with a 17 1/2 inch fish.
 Gag/Black Grouper Wally Dairman with
36" Gag Grouper

Last updated on Thursday, February 01, 2018   Fish contest log